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Partnership Marketing

PREIT invites you to take advantage of the numerous marketing opportunities that our malls have to offer. We provide an alternative "media buy" that creates brand visibility and targets niche groups of consumers.

PREIT believes in providing a marketing platform for you to reach its consumers that is flexible and innovative. Showcase your brand through an integrated marketing campaign that combines signage elements, events, sponsorships, naming rights and more.

Play Area Sponsorships Creative Signage Treatments
Kids Club Sponsorships Displays & Kiosks
Customer Service Area Sponsorships Collateral Material Distribution
Food Court Sponsorships Website Link
Seasonal/Holiday Sponsorships Public Relations Support
Events, Sampling & Promotions  


Let's work together to develop effective, engaging programs, designed to meet your marketing goals and objectives.

To get started, email Bil Ingraham or call 215-875-0136.

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Sunday: Noon - 6pm

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