Campus Den

April Fundraising for Autism Speaks

04/01/2018 - 04/30/2018

Autism Speaks Puzzle Pieces

Campus Den is campaigning for Autism Speaks once again. This is their third year collecting donations from their customers. Puzzle pieces will be available in-store starting Sunday, April 1st through Monday, April 30th. Pieces can be purchased at the register for a minimum donation of $1.00. Please help Campus Den in their quest to support the mission of Autism Speaks, to encourage the understanding and acceptance of people with Autism. Last year, with the help of their generous customers, they were able to raise $6,702.70 for this organization, an increase of more than $2,000 over the previous year, making them their largest sponsor for 2017!  With the beginning of this year’s campaign, they hope to see their donations break that $10,000 threshold!  With the support and generosity of their customers, they can do this!

Walk with Campus Den in September

Last year, Campus Den was the largest sponsor for the Autism Speaks Walk in Milford, MI. They plan to participate again this year.

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