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JCPenney Styling Salon at Woodland Mall offers excellent hair care services at unbeatable prices in West Michigan. At JCP Styling Salon in Grand Rapids, MI, you can get your hair cut and styled, and purchase professional-quality styling products to make sure your hair looks as amazing as it did when you walked out of the Styling Salon for weeks. 


Some of us are born with nice hair, but everyone knows that having absolutely great hair takes some work! Let JCPenney Styling Salon's full range of salon products and beauty supplies help you along the way. A dazzling selection of shampoo is just waiting to be used, along with several excellent hair conditioners that’ll leave your locks oh-so-soft. Then, take control of unwanted limpness or frizz with super handy curling irons and flat irons! Finish off your carefully worked look with our impressive range of hair styling products to achieve a unique vibe that just won’t quit!

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