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Surf City Squeeze at the Woodland Mall is the place to get the most delicious fresh smoothies in Grand Rapids, MI.  Surf City Squeeze in West Michigan crafts their smoothies with quality products and a proprietary smoothie mix, which makes their delicious smoothies special enough to make up 90% of their menu. Their flavors are made with a wide variety of fruits, like blueberry pineapple or orange strawberry.


Along with a list of optional additional supplements like whey protein, ginseng, lecithin, and wheat germ, Surf City Squeeze also offers freshly squeezed lemonade options, like their original lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and strawberry lemonade. They also offer a line of smoothies blended with supplements and amino acids for a refreshing treat with lasting benefits. Their Power Energy Squeeze smoothie is made with apples, raspberries, and creatine for strength and stamina.

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